Thank you for your interest in our herd.  We have been raising quality Nubians since around 1985.  We added Toggenburgs to our herd in 1994 and added our first LaMancha in 2004.  We are no longer breeding Toggenburgs as we found it too difficult to maintain 3 breeds.  We breed for correct, stylish animals that both show and milk well.  We currently participate in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program and DHIR.  Over the years, we have competed in shows in California, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Kentucky and Arizona.  We do not attend as many shows as we would like, as our closest show is a 4-5 hour drive each way.  We have made large investments of both time and money, in order to obtain the animals that we have chosen to be a part of our herd.  We welcome you to view our online sales list and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

We will have many kids as well as a few quality milers available for purchase.  If interested in a milking doe, please let us know and we will put you on our waiting list.  We often make decisions on milkers soon after they become fresh and they do move out fast.  We are always anxious to meet and talk with other dairy goat enthusiasts.

Herd Health:

We take great pride in raising and caring for our animals.  We currently feed the best quality alfalfa/grass hay that is available to us and feed a basic (8-10%) grain ration to our milkers and growing kids.  We expect our animals to be thrifty and flourish, without a lot of “extras” as we are limited in what is available in our area.  Free choice loose minerals and baking soda are also provided.

Our entire herd was again CAE negative, as of 2023Only G-6-S Normal bucks are offered for sale.  We do have a few G-6-S carrier does in our herd and we treasure their genetic value.

Terms of Sale:

2023 Kid Reservations:

We are now accepting reservations for 2024 kids.  Our price for doelings from first fresheners STARTS at $500.00 and up.  Pricing for Doelings from mature does STARTS at $700.00 and up, depending on Show Wins, Linear Appraisal Scores and Milk Records.  We offer very few bucklings.  We personally feel that bucklings should only be offered out of only the very best does.  If there is an animal/breeding that you are interested in, please e-mail us at for additional information and pricing.

Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids, shipped or picked up by 4 weeks of age.  We do require a deposit of $100.00 for each pre-ordered kid with the remaining balance due within 14 days after notification of your kid’s birth.  If remaining balance is not received within 14 days after notification, this kid will be offered to another buyer and you will lose your deposit.  If your choice of kid is not born, we will gladly transfer your deposit to another kid of your choice or will refund in full.  However, deposits will not be refunded for cancelled orders.

All shipping and related expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.  We do prefer that you pick up your kid here at the farm or that ground transport is utilized.  We will make every effort to assist with this.

Please make checks and money orders payable to Marshall Losey and we also accept Pay Pal.  Purchased animals will not be released until your check clears our bank.

** We reserve the right to retain any kid born but do try to inform you of our intent in advance. **

We reserve the option to purchase up to 20 straws of semen back, at the cost of the collection, on any buck that we sell.

Thanks again for your interest in our animals at M’s Sagebrush.