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Nubian Senior Does


“ELIZA” is a very exiting doe that came to us from our long time goat family, Kathy and Jean Sanchez from New Mexico. We saw her fresh last year and admired her but when we saw her fresh again in 2017, we were so impressed with her maturity and incredible mammary and we so happy to see her be awarded BDIS.


“GEM” has really surpassed our expectations. she just continues to get better and better. Hope to get her into the show ring in 2018.

2-04 EEEE 90
3-04 VVEE 90


“HARPER” is a beautiful and correct young doe that we are very excited to bring into our herd. She was bred by Mary Martin of Carousel Nubians and shared with us by our good friend Ted Brooks. We are anxious to see Harper freshen for the first time in March 2018.


“TOBY” is a very pretty and correct young doe from our good friend Ted Brooks. We are excited for her first freshening in 2018.


“HICCUP” is a very stylish young doe from our good friend Ted Brooks. she is very correct and long and dairy but needs some more time to mature. We look forward to her March 2018 freshening.


“HATARI” is a beautiful new addition from our good friend Ted Brooks. she brings in some exciting new genetics and we look forward to her freshening in March 2018.


“HEART” is a new addition from our good friend Ted Brooks. We are very excited to add this doe to our herd and can’t wait to see her freshen in April 2018.

M’s Sagebrush ZAP Party Favor

Party “Favor” is the last daughter of CH 4B Supreme Surprise Party and although she has been slow to mature, she has been worth the wait. Favor has placed consistently in the top of her class and continues to look much younger than she really is.
3-03 +EVE 89
4-02 VVEV 88
5-03 VV+E 88
6-02 EEVE 91

SGCH M’s Sagebrush ZAP Salina

Salina is a beautiful doe! Her mammary is just what we would expect from this breeding, being high and wide in the rear with great extension to the fore, amazing teat placement and a strong medial. She is tall, long level and dairy. We just need her to be a bit more generous with multiple kids, in order to fill her beautiful mammary!

3-03 EVEV 89
6-02 EEEE 91

SGCH M’s Sagebrush Milo Savannah

Savannah is tall, long, level and dairy with an amazing mammary. She finished her Championship in 2012 and went on to place 12th place 2yr old at the 2012 ADGA National Show.
LA: 2-04 EVEE 90
LA: 3-02 EEEE 91
LA: 4-04 EEEV 90
LA: 5-03 EEEV 90