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Reference Lamancha Bucks

*B SGCHKastdemur’s Voss

We are estactic to be using “Voss” in our breeding program. Many thanks to Jose and J n R Lamanchas for allowing him to spend some time in Arizona. We LOVE his 2013 and 2014 kids so much! Thanks again to Jose Gonzales.

*B Altrece Burt

Thank You to Altrece LaManchas, for sharing “Burt” with us this year!

*B Kastdemur’s Bad Cituation

“Brad” aas a very exciting buck and we are lucky that he will live on through AI. He was long, level, deep, wide and very correct…

*B Here Be Goats H Maverick

RIP Maverick, Sept. 2013…

Kastdemurs Watchme Dew It

Dew It has moved to Utah and we hope that he sires many beautiful babies in his new herd.

Singing-Hills Blade Sir Wizard

Many thanks to Khia and Tami Griffis of Sunsong Dairy, for allowing us to bring “Wiz” here for the 2011 breeding season. We were fortunate to previously own his litter brother, Singing-Hills Blade Spike and were very pleased with what he produced for us. Hoping for some “Wiz” daughters to add to our herd.