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Reference Lamancha Does

M’s Sagebrush Voss HersheyKiss

Hershey is a very correct, stylish and BIG solid chocolate doe. Her mammary is very pretty and exciting!

2-04 VEEV 90

GCH M’s Sagebrush Mav Orange Swirl

Swirl is one of our first Maverick daughters fresh and we sure like what we see! She is tall, long, dairy and correct with a high, wide and productive mammary. She took 2015 off from kidding but appears to be bred for 2016! 🙂

LA: 3-02 VEEE 90
LA: 5-02 EEEE 91

M’s Sagebrush Wiz Choco Swirl

Chocolate and white paint doe with a very nice mammary.


2-02 VEVV 88

Huricane-PM KFT Flower

Pure White; long and level with a beautiful mammary!

M’s Sagebrush Voss First Date

Tall, long and level. Lots of strength and style!

M’s Sagebrush Voss Sweet Swirl

Solid Chocolate; Stylish with wide/flat rump.

M’s Sagebrush Voss Peach Swirl

Orange and white with grey on neck. Looks just like Orange Swirl as a baby. 🙂

M’s Sagebrush Voss Pillow Talk

Chocolate with white. Deep bodied and open throughout.

M’s Sagebrush Dbl Mav Sugar

“Sugar” is double bred on *B Here Be Goats H Maverick. She has a beautiful head, correct body and amazing mammary.
LA: 2-02 VVVE 88

Kim-Tay’s Moonshine Too

The first thing you notice about Moonshine is that udder. Her udder is very well attached in the rear with amazing extension to the fore and perfect teat size and placement…