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Reference Nubian Does

GCH M’s Sagebrush 4B Maxim Celia

Celia was GCH JR doe as a kid in 2011, so earned her restricted leg. We took Celia out to a couple of shows in 2014 and she is now a Grand Champion!!


1-03 VEVV 87

2-02 VEEE 89

3-03 VEVV 87

5-03 EEEE 91

GCH M’s Sagebrush FEG Sadie

Sadie is a very powerful yet stylish doe, who finished her Championship as a 7yr old!
LA: 7-04 VVEE 90
2013- Earned her milking star on a 1 day test!! 🙂

SGGH J&R Spirit’s SESR Klass Act 3*M

Klass Act is a doe that I loved from the moment she was born! She has a sons working in Arizona, Texas and in California. Now if she will just give me a girl of my own, I’ll be very happy!

Linear Appraisal Scores –
2008 – 91 VEEE
2009 – 91 EEEE
2010- 91 EVEE

The 4B Puddn Cream Indy

“Indy” is a very deep and correct doe with a well attached and productive mammary and wonderful feet and legs.


5-01 VVEV 89

6-00 V+VE 88

7-01 VVVV 86

M’s Sagebrush Maxim Fetish

Fetish is very stylish and correct with a beautiful mammary. A little slow to mature but well worth the wait!


2-02 VVEE 88

3-01 VVEE 90

4-02 V+EV 87

Jacobs Pride Maximum Love

“Baby Love” is a beautiful young doe that comes to us from Jacobs Pride. We have admired “Show Me Love” since we first saw her and we were thrilled to be able to bring her daugter, sired by Maxim, into our herd. She freshened with mastitis and so we are working to get her beautifully attached udder, back into full production. The attachment and smoothly blended fore are exciting.

LA: 2-05 ++E+ 83

M’s Sagebrush Para Season

“Season” is a very pretty red and frosted doe that our granddaughter Kylee has claimed as her own. Season freshened with a very well attached mammary but is a bit lighter on the left side. We are hoping to get her evened out for the 2015 year.

LA: 2-0 V+E+ 84

M’s Sagebrush Para Maybelline

“Maybel” is the last daughter of our wonderful SGCH M’s Sagebrush Katero’s Milan, and so she has really big shoes to fill!

M’s Sagebrush 4B SO Rockbemine

“Lil Rock” is a beautiful image of her dam.

M’s Sagebrush Milo Rockette

Very stylish and correct! Had a really rough kidding in 2015 and fingers are crossed that she will breed again.