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Reference Toggenburg Bucks

Huricane-PM Famous In Seattle

“Famous” is a very handsome buck that we are leasing this year. He has at least ten daughters that are working in my friends dairy and they are all very consistent, correct and milky with nice high and wide rear udders, great teat placement and amazing feet and legs.

*B Robla’s Leland Laurie

I can’t thank Marilyn Goodridge of Robla’s/Whispering*Hope, enough for allowing this incredible buck to become a part of our herd. Marilyn breeds for strong milking animals that maintain a long level lactation combined with high butter fat and strong general correctness. Laurie is tall, long, level, dairy and angular with great feet and legs and is exactly as Marilyn promised! We are very impressed with his first freshening daughters.

*B Waiilatpu WJD Jubilanto

Jubi is long and level with extremely correct feet and legs. He stands with good width in both the fore and the rear legs; is tight shouldered with excellent blending into his neck…

Huricane-PM Tavi Sawyer

Very Handsome and correct young buck!

*B Alize LCS Sharpie Marker

DOB: 3-4-05 *American* Sire: +B GCH Little*Creek LCWT Snowbuck (2-04 +VE 84) -SS:*B Little*Creek Wins Tuxedo -SD: CH Little*Creek Sage Snowbird (6-03 EEEE 92) *2002 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder*  Read more …

Pindell’s EXZ Temptation

“TT” is owned by Stargate Valley Farms but has been used in our herd. He is extremely typey with a classic Togg head, awesome feet and legs…