Reservations and breeding list:

We are currently accepting reservations for 2018kids.  Kids from mature does are priced at $500.00 and up depending on show records, Linear Appraisal Scores and Milk Records.  If there is an animal/breeding that you are interested in, please e-mail us at for additional information and pricing.

Nubian Bucks used:

“FIN” – Jacob’s Pride Finest Pecan Ever:

“PHOENIX” – M’s Sagebrush Phoenix Rising:




LaMancha Bucks used: 

“TIME” -Here Be Goats About Tia’m:

“WINSLOW” -M’s Sagebrush Sin Winslow:


Does: Bred To:
Nubian Sr Does: Bucks: Due: Reserved Does: Reserved Bucks:  Available:
M’s Sagebrush Zap Party Favor FIN  March  



SGCH M’s Sagebrush Zap Salina


FIN April
CH M’s Sagebrush Milo Savannah  FIN  April  


CH M’s Sagebrush Maxim Celia FIN  April  


SGCH M’s Sagebrush SOB MIL Sparkles FIN  Aril  



M’s Sagebrush Ace’s Gem


FIN April
CH S-Bar-H Eliza FIN  March  



Alize Have A Heart



Tedz Hatari



Tedz Hiccup


Nubian First Fresheners:



M’s Sagebrush Zane Sasha


 FIN  March

M’s Sagebrush Zane Savanne



M’s Sagebrush Zane Cici


 FIN  March

Carousel’s Harper



Tedz Toby



M’s Sagebrush Para Glitter


LaMancha Sr Does:


Here Be Goats Chocolate Morsel TIME  April  



SGCH M’s Sagebrush Mav Sweet Dreams


WINSLOW February  



M’s Sagebrush Burt Latte


TIME February

M’s Sagebrush Beau Moonlight (Tiny)


 TIME April
GCH M’s Sagebrush Beau Mocha Chip TIME  April  


Alder*Rose Chopra Elizaveta  TIME  April  



CH M’s Sagebrush Voss Oprah


TIME April  





CH M’s Sagebrush ZZ First Dahlia


 TIME  March
 M’s Sagebrush ZZ


 TIME  February
Lamancha First Fresheners:



M’s Sagebrush ZZ Mabel


TIME March  



M’s Sagebrush ZZ In You Dream


TIME March